Rich Ore Found at Colombia’s El Roble Copper-Gold Mine

According to, Atico Mining has reported promising findings from its drilling operations at the El Roble copper-gold mine in Choco province, Colombia.

The company stated that the drilling targeted densification of the main ore body extensions that were mined before its acquisition of the mine in 2013.

Drill hole ATD-0262 found ore at a depth of 58.2 meters with a section of 20.7 meters, yielding a copper grade of 5.76% and gold at 4.46 grams per ton.

Drill hole ATD-0252 encountered ore at 38.6 meters deep with an 11.5 meter section, with a copper grade of 8.16% and gold at 8.09 grams per ton.

“High-grade ore bodies continue to be encountered in the mine’s vicinity,” said CEO Fernando E. Ganoza during a press conference. “High-grade copper and gold were found both within the previously defined ore bodies and beyond the mineralized boundaries.”

This year, the company has drilled 77 holes totaling 7,880 meters. The drilling will continue as the company updates its resource estimates.

El Roble copper-gold mine, located in Choco province, has a daily processing capacity of 1,000 tons, up from 400 tons at the time of purchase.

In 2023, the mine produced 13.2 million pounds of copper and 10,149 ounces of gold.

According to the 2020 resource estimate, the mine has confirmed and inferred ore reserves of 1 million tons at a copper equivalent grade of 1.3%, with a copper grade of 3.02% and gold at 1.76 grams per ton. The company notes that the ore body is unconstrained at depth and along strike.

[Source – 上海有色网] 哥伦比亚埃尔罗布尔铜金矿见富矿

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