Stainless Steel Powder for composite material filling

Incorporating metal powder into polymers primarily alters the appearance or physical properties of the polymer. With the automotive industry and related sectors increasingly demanding lightweight, high-performance parts, the use of polymer-based composite materials is on the rise. Many of these composites contain metal powders to offer a metallic appearance similar to the parts they replace.

Filling polymers with micron-sized stainless steel powder allows for the creation of various shapes and sizes based on the application. Introducing stainless steel powder into the polymer can influence the polymer’s electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, electromagnetic shielding, anti-static surface, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance, among other properties and functionalities.

We offer micron-sized stainless steel powder for composite material filling characterized by low oxygen content, excellent mechanical properties, low bulk density, and dendritic snowflake-like morphology. The product has garnered positive feedback in practical applications, with its usage increasing year by year.

Common product grades: 316L, 304L, 430L, 420, 440C.

Typical particle size: -15µm.

Product Name C(%) O(%) Si(%) Mn(%) Ni(%) Cr(%) Mo(%) Fe(%)

*The composition and particle size of the product can be adjusted according to specific customer requirements.

Here are the primary applications for micron-sized stainless steel powder-filled composite materials:

  1. Anti-static plastics: Stainless steel powder can be added to reduce static build-up in plastics.
  2. Thermal management solutions: Used in applications requiring efficient heat dissipation, such as electronic packaging.
  3. Conductive adhesives: Stainless steel powder can serve as a conductive filler, mixed with other ingredients to form conductive adhesives.
  4. Sealing materials: Incorporating stainless steel powder into sealing materials refines the material structure, resulting in enhanced performance.

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