Microalloyed Ultrafine Iron Powder

Micro alloyed ultrafine iron powder is a type of diffusion alloy powder material composed of iron, carbon, and trace alloy elements (such as molybdenum, chromium, nickel, titanium, etc.), with particle sizes typically ranging between 1 and 50 micrometers. Compared to traditional iron powder, microalloyed ultrafine iron powder has higher chemical uniformity, more uniform morphology, higher strength, and better wear resistance. They have a wide range of application prospects in the preparation of metal-ceramic materials, high-strength composite materials, and high-performance brake systems.

We provide ultrafine iron powder specifically for the diamond industry, using advanced two-stream atomization powdering technology and a unique formula process for the production of microalloyed iron powder.

The product has stable process performance and excellent anti-oxidation and corrosion resistance. The addition of microalloy elements to the iron powder reduces the high-temperature erosion of diamonds and enhances the grip of the matrix on diamonds, which has a positive effect on improving the performance of diamond tools and reducing tool usage costs.

This ultrafine iron powder also provides more choices for the application of high iron-based matrix materials.

LC/W is mainly used for diamond tools.

LC/H is mainly used in the field of cemented carbides.

Product Name Main Chemical Components Apparent Density(g/cm³) Particle Size(µm)
C, Si, Mn, P, Re
D50: 20~24

*The composition and particle size of the product can be adjusted according to specific customer requirements.

Microalloyed ultrafine iron powder, due to its high strength, high wear resistance, high chemical uniformity, and good compressibility and plasticity, is widely used in many fields. Below are some common application scenarios:

  1. Metal-ceramic materials preparation: Microalloyed ultrafine iron powder can be used with oxide or nitride ceramic materials to prepare metal-ceramic materials through heat treatment or sintering processes. These metal-ceramic materials have high hardness, high strength, high-temperature stability, and good wear resistance, suitable for manufacturing precision mechanical parts and high-temperature structural materials.
  2. Iron-based composite materials preparation: Microalloyed ultrafine iron powder can be used with other metals and non-metal materials (such as carbon fiber, ceramics, etc.) to prepare iron-based composite materials through heat treatment or sintering processes. These composite materials have high strength, high toughness, high wear resistance, and good corrosion resistance, suitable for manufacturing high-speed train brakes and aviation engine blades.
  3. High-performance brake systems: Microalloyed ultrafine iron powder can be used to prepare high-performance brake systems, such as brakes for automobiles, trains, and airplanes. These brake systems have good wear resistance, thermal stability, and braking performance, meeting the braking requirements of high-speed trains, airplanes, and other high-speed transportation tools.
  4. Catalysts: Microalloyed ultrafine iron powder can be used to prepare high-efficiency catalysts, such as hydrogenation catalysts, denitration catalysts, etc. These catalysts have high activity, high selectivity, and long life, suitable for catalytic reactions in the chemical industry.
  5. Magnetic materials preparation: Microalloyed ultrafine iron powder can be used to prepare high-performance magnetic materials, such as permanent magnets and soft magnetic materials. These materials have high saturation magnetization strength, high magnetic permeability, low magnetic hysteresis loss, and good thermal stability, suitable for manufacturing motors, generators, transformers, and other electronic equipment.
  6. Electronic components: Microalloyed ultrafine iron powder can be used to prepare electronic components, such as inductors and sensors. These components have high induction strength and high sensitivity.

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