Superfine Ferro Phosphorus Powder

Superfine ferro phosphorus powder is a high-purity, high-activity, and high specific surface area iron-phosphorus alloy powder, usually made from pure iron and pure phosphorus raw materials.

The advantage of superfine ferro phosphorus powder lies in its small particles and large specific surface area, which give it higher activity and reaction rates, allowing it to react more quickly with other chemicals. In addition, superfine ferro phosphorus powder has the advantages of high purity and low impurities, which enable it to more effectively perform its chemical reaction functions. As a result, superfine ferro phosphorus powder is widely used in various fields, making it a very valuable material.

Our factory’s products are made from refined ferro phosphorus as the main raw material and processed using advanced domestic technology. The product composition is stable, can significantly reduce the sintering temperature of the product, increase the brittleness of the matrix, improve the synchronous wear with diamond, and significantly improve the tool sharpness. It is mainly used as an additive for various diamond tool base powders, with a recommended usage amount of 3-15% of the matrix formula mass percentage. Users can adjust the usage according to their needs.

Our factory currently has the following two products:

  1. FeP18: Using high-quality ferro phosphorus as raw material, processed through desulfurization, deoxidation, and other processes, and produced using advanced powder-making equipment, it has the advantages of high purity and good alloying degree. In addition, it has uniform particle size, stable phosphorus content, and low oxygen content, providing good grip and sharpness for diamonds.
  2. FeP24: Using high-quality ferro phosphorus raw materials, the product has a concentrated and stable particle size distribution, good dispersibility, moderate oxygen content, and high sintering activity.
Product Name Phosphorus Content(%) Mesh Maximum Density(g/cm³) Apparent Density(g/cm³) Sintering Temperature(℃) Oxygen Content(%)

*The composition and particle size of the product can be adjusted according to specific customer requirements.

Superfine ferro phosphorus powder has many application scenarios, and below are a few major applications:

  1. Metal material additive: Superfine ferro phosphorus powder can be used as an additive for metal materials to improve the properties and characteristics of metals. It can increase the hardness, toughness, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance of metals, making them more durable.
  2. Electronic materials: Superfine ferro phosphorus powder can be used in the manufacture of electronic materials, such as magnetic materials, magnetic storage media, magnetic printing inks, etc. Its high specific surface area and magnetic properties make it an ideal choice for electronic materials.
  3. Catalyst: Superfine ferro phosphorus powder can be used as a catalyst carrier for catalyzing various chemical reactions. Its high specific surface area and magnetic properties allow it to increase reaction rates and catalytic efficiency.
  4. Healthcare: Superfine ferro phosphorus powder can be used in the healthcare field, such as a carrier for drugs, magnetic imaging agents, and magnetic therapeutic agents. Its high specific surface area and magnetic properties enable it to penetrate biological tissues more effectively, improving drug absorption rates and therapeutic effects.
  5. Environmental materials: Superfine ferro phosphorus powder can be used in the manufacture of environmental materials, such as adsorbent materials, wastewater treatment agents, and pollutant detection agents. Its high specific surface area and magnetic properties enable it to more effectively adsorb and remove harmful substances from wastewater, improving environmental protection effects.

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