Super Fine Copper Powder

Super Fine Copper Powder is a more refined version of regular atomized copper powder, with the smallest particles approaching the micron scale. Compared to standard copper powder, due to its extremely small particle size, super fine copper powder exhibits distinct physical, chemical, and electrical characteristics.

Owing to its minuscule particle size, super fine copper powder has a high specific surface area, influencing its interactions with other substances. The reduced particle size leads to enhanced chemical reactivity of copper, which can be utilized in certain applications.

Given its high chemical reactivity, super fine copper powder might react with oxygen in the air; therefore, it should be stored in a way that avoids contact with air.

We offer three types of super fine copper powder: spherical copper powder, flaky copper powder, and powder metallurgy copper powder. They are characterized by high purity, excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, small particle size, non-magnetic properties, corrosion resistance, and a smooth surface.

Type Name Apparent Density(g/cm³) Particle Size Applications
Spherical Type
Used in MIM (Metal Injection Molding) to manufacture high-density, high-performance components with complex shapes.
Flake Type
Used in conductive coatings, conductive pastes, resin additives, and electromagnetic shielding materials.
Powder Metallurgy Type
Used for producing high-strength, high-hardness powder metallurgy parts and structural components, welding alloy ingredients, and electrode materials.

*The composition and particle size of the product can be adjusted according to specific customer requirements.

Super fine copper powder is primarily used for the following applications:

  1. Conductive Pastes: Super fine copper powder is often utilized in the manufacture of conductive pastes, such as those used for touch screens, solar cells, and flexible electronic products.

  2. Powder Metallurgy: Used in producing high-density, fine-grain powder metallurgy components.

  3. MIM (Metal Injection Molding): Used in the manufacture of high-density, high-performance parts with intricate shapes.

  4. Thermal Conductive Materials: Due to copper’s excellent thermal conductivity, super fine copper powder can be employed as an efficient heat conductive material, especially when particle size and distribution play a critical role in its thermal conductivity performance.

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