Ferro Manganese Powder

Ferro Manganese powder is an alloy powder formed by mixing manganese (Mn) and iron (Fe) in specific ratios. Ferro manganese alloy is a crucial alloy, primarily used in the steel industry as a deoxidizer and alloying additive.

Structurally, ferro manganese alloy is multiphase; it can be an iron-based solid solution or may contain other intermediate alloy phases. Chemically, ferro manganese alloy is stable and is compatible with steel and many other alloys.

Due to its pivotal role in the steel industry, its market demand correlates directly with global steel production and usage. Like most metal powders, care is required when handling and storing ferro manganese powder. It’s essential to avoid exposure to air to prevent fires and to ensure work is carried out in well-ventilated conditions to minimize the risks of dust and gases.

We offer three grades of Ferro Manganese powder products: FeMn80C07, FeMn78C15, and FeMn75C75. Their primary distinction lies in the different ratios of iron and manganese content, as well as varying carbon content.

Product Name Mn(%) Si(%) C(%) P(%) S(%) Fe(%) Particle Size Composition Flow Rate Apparent Density
-300µm: 100% -125µm: ≤40% -75µm: ≤20%

*The composition and particle size of the product can be adjusted according to specific customer requirements.

Ferro Manganese powder, due to its specific physical and chemical properties, is primarily used in several areas such as:

  1. Steel Industry: Ferro Manganese is a crucial additive in the steel industry, used for deoxidation and alloying. Manganese can increase the strength and toughness of steel, while also enhancing its hardness.

  2. Non-ferrous Metal Alloys: In certain non-ferrous metal alloys, such as aluminum and copper alloys, Ferro Manganese can also act as an alloying element.

  3. Other Industrial Applications: Ferro Manganese can also be utilized as an intermediate product or catalyst in other chemical and metallurgical processes.

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