Metal powder Customization and Processing

Customized Metal Powder Production

We provide personalized metal powder customization and production services for our customers. Regardless of the type of metal, size, shape, or particle size you need, we have the capability to meet your requirements. Our custom production process includes:

Metal Powders Secondary Processing

We also offer secondary processing services for metal powders to our clients. Through our excellent partnered manufacturers, we can modify metal powders based on your specific requirements, including modifications, particle size adjustments, and surface treatments. Our secondary processing services include but are not limited to:

Rich Experience

We have years of experience in the powder metallurgy industry, understanding the properties and applications of various metal powders.

Professional Team

Our team consists of industry experts and technicians, providing comprehensive technical support for you.

Strict Quality Control

We emphasize quality management; from raw material procurement to the production process, and the final product, we conduct strict quality testing and monitoring to deliver high-quality products to our customers.

On Time Delivery

We value time management, ensuring that production is completed within the agreed delivery timeframe and that products reach our customers safely and on time.

Your satisfaction is our motivation

At DZS-trading, we always adhere to the customer-first principle, wholeheartedly providing excellent metal powder products and services to our customers. We are proud to have won over 96% customer satisfaction and will continue to strive for even higher levels of service and product quality for you.


Customer Satisfaction

Over 96% of our customers have expressed their willingness to cooperate with us again.

Customer Feedback

Our customers are located worldwide, and we firmly believe that receiving their universal acclaim is the only way for DZS-trading to grow and develop.

Ms. Zou, from foreign trade company

"Since partnering with DZS-trading, our transaction cycle has been shortened, and profitability has significantly increased. Their team is highly professional and can provide us with high-quality products in the shortest time."

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