Atomized Iron Powder

Atomized iron powder is a fine iron powder used for preparing iron-based materials and magnetic materials. Its production process typically includes high-temperature high-pressure gas spray, rapid cooling, and crushing. During the spraying process, molten iron is jetted into a cooling chamber by a high-speed gas stream, where it rapidly solidifies into fine particles. Thanks to the rapid cooling and crushing treatment, atomized iron powder particles usually range from 1-50 microns in size, with higher surface area and activity for better material preparation and processing.

Atomized iron powder  we provide is mainly from molten iron or iron alloys using high-pressure water atomization. The production process is relatively pure without contaminants, and the atomization method generates spherical particles that adhere to the principle of closest packing.

It has many excellent properties. Firstly, it has high magnetic performance. Due to its small particle size and large surface area, it can better control and enhance magnetic properties. Additionally, atomized iron powder has good chemical stability and corrosion resistance, making it suitable for use in complex environments. It also has high electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, making it applicable in electronics and power industries.

When used in diamond tools, it improves the densification and alloying degree of the matrix, lowers the sintering temperature, enhances the self-sharpening of the matrix, and increases the tool sharpness. It has the characteristics of high purity, low oxygen content, and good flowability. It is a high-quality raw material for high-strength parts in powder metallurgy.

Product Chemical Components(%) Apparent Density(g/cm³) Mesh

Atomized Iron Powder

S: ≤0.02
P: ≤0.02
C: ≤0.03
Si: ≤0.05
Mn: ≤0.20
HL: ≤0.40
Fe: Bal.



*The composition and particle size of the product can be adjusted according to specific customer requirements.

Atomized iron powder is a special powder metallurgy material with the following main applications:

  1. Magnetic material manufacturing: Atomized iron powder has good magnetic properties and permeability, making it suitable for manufacturing various magnetic materials such as magnetic cores, magnetic ferrites, inductors, motors, and transformers.
  2. Metal injection molding: Atomized iron powder can be used to create complex-shaped metal parts through metal injection molding technology, such as automotive parts, tool components, and medical devices. This technology significantly reduces production costs and increases efficiency.
  3. Metal coatings: Atomized iron powder can be used to create various metal coatings through techniques such as flame spraying and high-velocity spraying. These coatings can be used for corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and mechanical strength enhancement in areas such as automotive engine components and industrial machinery.
  4. Press forming: Atomized iron powder can be used to create various shaped parts through press forming technology, such as mechanical components, electrical parts, and petroleum equipment components.
  5. Magnetic recording materials: Atomized iron powder can be used to manufacture magnetic recording materials such as hard disks and magnetic tapes.

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