Ferro Tungsten Powder

Ferro Tungsten Powder is a composite of tungsten and iron, synthesized in certain proportions. Tungsten (W) and iron (Fe), when alloyed, exhibit specific compatibility, forming either solid solutions or intermetallic compounds. Ferro Tungsten alloys typically possess a high density, excellent thermal stability, and a high melting point.

The high density of Ferro Tungsten gives it an advantage in applications where high-density materials are required, such as counterweights for aerospace and aeronautics or as protective materials. Additionally, Ferro Tungsten has remarkable hardness and mechanical strength, making it valuable in the production of tools and hard alloys. Moreover, the high melting point of tungsten ensures that Ferro Tungsten alloys maintain stability in high-temperature environments.

We offer Ferro Tungsten Powder products primarily differentiated by the ratio of tungsten to iron content. The main grades available are FeW70 and FeW80.

W(%) Si(%) C(%) P(%) S(%) Mn(%) Fe(%) Particle Size Composition Flow Rate Apparent Density
-250µm: 100% -100µm: ≤30%

*The composition and particle size of the product can be adjusted according to specific customer requirements.

Ferro Tungsten Powder, due to its excellent physical and chemical properties, is commonly used in the following areas:

  1. Radiation Shielding: Owing to its high density, ferro tungsten alloy is often employed in the production of radiation protection materials.
  2. Military Applications: In certain military uses, such as armor-piercing warheads, ferro tungsten alloy is considered an ideal material due to its high density and hardness.
  3. Aerospace: As a counterweight material, it’s utilized to adjust the center of gravity in airplanes or satellites.
  4. Hard Alloy Manufacturing: Ferro tungsten alloy can also be a part of hard metals, enhancing their performance.

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