Sky Metals Unearths High-Grade Tin Mineralization in Tallebung

Sky Metals Unearths High-Grade Tin Mineralization in Tallebung

Sky Metals conducted conceptual drilling outside the open-pit mine in Tallebung and discovered additional high-grade tin mineralization, indicating that the resource extends beyond the known mineralized zone.

As part of the mining and environmental permitting process for the Tallebung Tin Project in New South Wales, two groundwater monitoring holes were drilled by the company. These drill holes are located 140 meters west of the known tin mineralized zone and outside the open-pit mine.

One of the drill holes intercepted tin at a grade of 0.12% starting from a depth of 14 meters and continued for 18 meters, with 1 meter at a grade of 1.27% tin and 0.03% tungsten from a depth of 24 meters. These results indicate that the mineralized zone has extended an additional 140 meters beyond the previously discovered 300-400-meter-wide mineralized zone.

Additionally, visible tin minerals were discovered in quartz veins at the bottom of a historical alluvial lead mine. Three samples collected from there are awaiting assay.

Simultaneously with this announcement, the company reported the completion of diamond resource extension drilling activities in October. Four holes were drilled, with a total length of 947.8 meters, and each hole intercepted coarse-grain tin minerals unique to Tallebung. The assay results for three of the holes have been received.

The company highlighted drill hole TBD005, which targeted deep-known deposits and intercepted tin at a grade of 0.48% over 13 meters, including 2.01% tin over 1 meter at 5 meters depth and 3.18% tin at 11 meters depth. This hole also intercepted a core with 7 meters at 0.18% tin, 0.37% tungsten, and 11.4 grams of silver per tonne at 51 meters depth. The tin mineralization was encountered to a depth of 233 meters.

TBD006, located in the southern part of the mining area, intercepted 2.4 meters at a grade of 2.88% tin, with 7.73% tin over 1 meter at a depth of 28.8 meters. TBD007 targeted the down-dip and along-strike extension of known mineralization, intercepting 4.1 meters at a grade of 0.50% tin at 33 meters depth and 2.5 meters at a grade of 1.35% tin at 82.5 meters depth.

The results of recent drilling activities will be incorporated into a new Mineral Resource Estimate (MRE) aimed at enhancing the ‘virgin mineral resource’ and converting the exploration target of 16-21 million tonnes with tin grades between 0.16-0.20% into additional resources. Metallurgical testing continues to refine the company’s current simple processing model, and the company remains confident that the test results demonstrate the feasibility of Tallebung’s unique low-cost processing pathway.

ITA Insight: With the company’s efforts to update the MRE in 2024 and reach the critical mass for commencing a mining feasibility study, the prospect of expanding tin resources in the Tallebung Tin Project will be favored by Sky Metals.

[Source – 上海有色网] Sky Metals在Tallebung进一步发现高品位锡矿化物

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